Saturday, May 31, 2014

Trooper Camp 2014

The kids went to trooper camp again this year! They liked it a lot and they both have improved a lot from last year. Jake especially.

I took off Thursday and Friday to watch them play, and I'm glad I did. Jakes game was first that I went too. He had a great team this year, only losing 2 games all week!

He was much more aggressive this year and I'm so glad he's trying so hard! He really likes it!

He's gonna go for it!

This pic is cute, trying to figure out what they can do to win the game!

Alyssah wasn't as aggressive though. She is quiet, she wants the ball, but she's shy to get it. She's had some ball hoggers on her team, but they were good! She did get the ball a few times, but she didn't have it long.

She was so proud, she came home and told me that she won a prize for being the best at blocking for the day! She won a pack of licorice. It made her whole week!

She sure blocked good when I got to see her!

My cute trooper camper!!

Hoping she gets the ball. It usually doesn't happen though!

Alyssahs team won 6th place for League and then they came in first for the championship!!

Jake and his team won 2nd for league and also won 1st for the championship!! I was so proud, he played SO hard and worked for it! I think basketball will be in his future!

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

ATA~Second Degree Black Belts!

My boys are 2nd Degree Black Belts now!

Jake, waiting for his turn!

Jake doing his form, and he did SO well!

Weapons form!


Josh and Jake sparred each other, and they did great!
Look at that kick!

Josh, punching through the board!  He did it!

Jake got it too! Look at that power!

Waiting to find out if they got it!

The whole group! They are 1st degree black belts, and 2nd degree black belts!

Way to go boys!

Josh and Jake with there instructors!

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My 3 Guys

I love these boys!  They are my favorite!


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Monday, March 31, 2014

Silly Us!

We don't do silly here ;)


I love them so much!

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Josh Applying for a Job!

He is hoping to get a job this summer!

Time has gone to fast!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Music Festival

Jake played in this years McLean County Music Festival.
He did great!  He was nervous, but he did so good!  I was super proud of him!
He and the rest of the trumpets played Springtime Waltz.

He was so cute!


The judge had a few tips for him.

Then his group played Frere Jacques together.  I think they sounded so well!  For being 5th graders!


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Just Like Mom

She found my lipstick, and said, "Mom, now I look just like you!"
Ummmmm, I don't wear it like that!!


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Monday, March 24, 2014

Trooper Kids

They wore there Trooper blue to show support to the boys basketball team!  They were playing to win at regionals!


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New Washer and Dryer

And I love them!!


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Jake's Bow Competition!

Jake has really taken up bow hunting, and he loves the competitions too!

He was excited to start!

Alyssah was just hangin out!

He shot really well!

The whole course, it takes about 45 mins to get through the whole thing.



He loves this!  And its something Dad is picking up on too!
He ended up winning a $50 gift card to Scheels too!

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